Quality management policy, environment, safety and health care, Irandar Company’s’ customer complaint handling and customer satisfaction measurement.

Company Introduction:
     Irandar Company, one of the MIM holding companies, using modern technology with qualified and experienced staff, as the producer of various types of PSA labels products, industrial and hygiene glues in Iran, respecting the demands and opinions of esteemed customers, in order to achieve its ultimate goal of having the highest level of customer satisfaction, while complying with the requirements, legal rules and regulations, has selected the 2015 Standard Model: ISO 9001 for design, deployment and implementation of an efficient and effective quality management system, ISO 14001: 2015 and  OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards for environment, safety and security, and occupational health of staff, ISO 10002 standards : 2014 and ISO 10004: 2012 to manage customer complaints and customer monitoring, and measuring customer satisfaction.
In this regard, the following have set on the continuous improvement process of the organization:
Our mission is producing and selling PSA labels products and glue with the best quality.

Our vision is to enter the top 10 companies in the world's leading manufacturers of PSA labels.

•   Customer satisfaction
•   Producing quality products
•   Teamwork
•   Reward creativity and innovation
•   Responsiveness to customers, employees, community and shareholders
•   Meritocracy
•   Empowering employees through continuous education

Policies and Objectives Outline:
     Irandar Co. is committed, with the confidence of employees' collective participation, undertakes, in accordance with the laws, regulations, and national, quality, environmental, occupational safety and health standards and in accordance with the requirements of its customers and employees, the following:
1- Provide high quality products to gain customer satisfaction.
2- Promoting customer-oriented culture through monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction.
3- Receiving, processing and responding to customer complaints
4-Continuous improvements in processes and updating resources and infrastructure of the organization.
5- Prevention and reduction of occupational accidents and diseases for staff.
6-Prevention and reduction of pollution- making in the environment and natural resources consumption optimization.
7- Developing a culture of safety, health and environmental protection.

     Irandar Co., while committing to continuous improvement of quality management systems, environment, safety and occupational health, customer complaints and customer satisfaction measurement, is committed to complying with legal requirements, and all employees of the company are called for cooperation, sympathy and co-operative to achieve the company's great goals. The quality assurance unit is responsible for overseeing the implementation of this policy and all managers and staffs are required to comply with it correctly and to eliminate potential mismatches.